Richmond Hill                                  

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is one livable city!

Standing on the top-most floor of the iconic Richmond Hill Town Hall and gazing the smoothly flowing traffic, the lush green gardens and calm town, I can’t stop loving this city. What even puzzles me the most is the city’s attractiveness, managing to accept everyone irrespective of their religious differences or racial backgrounds. In fact, it is only recently when what I have been suspecting all along came true. Yes, Richmond Hill, is one of the six most livable cities in Canada. I am proud of my town, it is perhaps the only GTA and multi-cultural community to appear on the list!

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Industries and Economic Drivers


Much like the modern cities in the world, Richmond Hill is looking great with a vibrant finance sector, plenty of health amenities, low unemployment rate and it is relatively safe. In fact, being arguably the fastest growing municipality in the Greater Toronto Area, with a host of Canadian brands pitching a tent here, there’s a lot to yearn for in here. It is so close to Toronto and houses Canada’s major employers - Epson, Compaq, Lexmark Canada, Levi Strauss, and Suzuki.

What to See, Where to Visit


While Richmond Hill, boasts of a population higher than some major Canadian cities, being part and parcel of Oak Ridges Moraine – an environmental haven – is a feat with no match. Every year, the rain barrel of GTA attracts vacationers and adventure heartthrobs alike, all of them eager to sample the city’s hidden and exquisite ‘gems.’ The city in itself is a jewel owing to its growth rate. In the 1990s, Richmond Hill, was a ‘nobody,’ but today the scene is entirely different. Additionally, the city being a ‘hill’ you know what to expect.

Academia and Innovation

Would you like to advance your academic knowledge, why don’t you drop here and study with us? City Magnets understands that besides being one of the six livable and worker-friendly cities, Richmond Hill is further bolstered by its excellent education and innovation sectors. We have some of the best brains comprising graduates in engineering, science and mathematics per capita. As you may be aware, some of the most advanced cities in the world – whether in the Americas, Asia, Europe or even Africa – are particularly synonymous with a greater percentage of these individuals.


Being such a proactive city, Richmond Hill, has road networks and transportation facilities in plenty. One of the most traversed highways on the sphere, Highway 401, intersects with Richmond Hill’s Highway 404. Other road networks including Highway 7 cut through the city, making traffic a non-issue. Rapid transit bus services and commuter trains are the two important modes of transport in here.

Just to sum up and the city’s cold climate aside, Richmond Hill is one livable destination. The housing sector is expanding every day, eager to welcome you and everybody else while the industrial sector is still waiting for job enthusiasts. It is pretty calm to reside in here.  


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