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Thinking About Moving to Mississauga...

So you want to be a Saugan? Mississauga (formed in 1974) is one of the greatest cities in Canada, perhaps the best in Ontario region. Ashore Lake Ontario north of Ontario Metropolis, Mississauga is the 6th largest, and for that matter the fastest growing, pivotal city in Canada. It boasts a populace of nearly 730000 residents dotted with all diverse cultures from around the world. 

If you're looking to enjoy the life of the suburb without missing out on the urban conveniences, then Mississauga is the place to be. Mississauga marries unrelenting commitment to span as the 21st-century city with a more traditional approach to living creating a reality allure like no other in Ontario. 

What's not to love about Mississauga? From modern high-rise residential apartments, comprehensive and accessible transport system to unmatched green initiatives, Mississauga is a slice of heaven. And that is just but the beginning. Here, I am going to walk you through the top five facts why you should pack and move to Mississauga.

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Job Opportunities


In these days of economic doldrums jobs is a sweet song to the ear. Many companies have pitched a tent in Mississauga. In fact, more than a dozen of blue-chip companies call Mississauga home. From opportunities in consumer products, technology, automotive, computer, biomedical, pharmaceutical to the fire department, Mississauga has all your employment needs covered.

Robust Economy

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services has bestowed Mississauga AAA credit rating persistently since 2004. Thanks to debt-free standing, vibrant economy, and outstanding liquidity rates, the city of Mississauga has earned this rating fair and square.

Mississauga is Safe

Good news is that Mississauga has been named Canada's safest city eight years in a row. With comprehensive law enforcement units, the city of Mississauga is poised to continue its family-oriented living without a hassle. It prides itself of a dozen community centres and robust downtown city centre that boasts exceptional office, retail, and entertainment living.

Unequalled Recreational Facilities

In Mississauga, you can enjoy a plethora of recreation and fun activities in an ambient surrounding thanks to over 500 parks and woodlands for you to explore. Credit River, for one, offers an unmatched fun experience for individuals and families alike. What are these fun activities? From cycling, hitchhiking to cross country skiing during winter times, you're going to have unforgettable moments living in Mississauga.
Canada's Gateway

Perhaps the best reason to head over to Mississauga. As the home to the largest and the most prominent airport in the GTA, Mississauga links you to 7 key highways.


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