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King City ON, a relatively small unincorporated Canadian community, north of Toronto with a population slightly higher than 5,000 individuals. Dotted with kettle lakes and ponds and with clustered temperate forests and rolling hills, what do you know about this tranquil, secluded destination? Several record-breaking individuals including notable hockey players and Rosannagh MacLennan, who secured a gold medal in 2012 London Olympics in women's trampoline, hail from King City.

Although it is a pretty small community, King City in the heart of Ontario is vibrant with life, perhaps ideal for spending life far from the busy town life. If you are movie heartthrob, you will be surprised that close to ten films and TV shows have been filmed here. The iconic Eaton Hall in King City hosted the final scene of 2005’s A History of Violence. But, this area having a handful of people plays host to numerous activities including youth hockey league matches and yoga classes. 

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Infrastructure and Development

While the community center and the arena hosts a plethora of activities, this city is mainly limited as far as development is concerned. Its infrastructure isn’t sufficient enough to support the native’s growth ambitions. Following that, the construction sector and the education sector are the two primary employers in here. Financial and Realty firms are slowly pitching camp here although the location’s limited space acts as the biggest hindrance. Nonetheless, shrewd retail business hopefuls strike it big here.

Politics & Administration

King City, doesn’t have its municipal government because it is small with a few residents. The natives are represented on the King Township council by two councillors. As expected, without their own representative, matter politics have been a thorny issue. Although the Big Pipe issue has been solved following years of individuals’ calls, traffic on King Road continues to remain a hot topic. Heavy trucks using their road to Aurora and Richmond Hill have increased significantly, presenting the issue of noise pollution.


When it comes to education, King City`s only post-secondary education facility is the Seneca College King Campus, located in King City. Nevertheless, it has access to just two public education systems and a public school serving students from the township. While the courses are moderate in this school, the student body is a little more than 1100, but with a sizeable outdoor track and soccer pitch. Besides King City Secondary School, there are a couple of private institutions serving the city as well.
There are several towns in Ontario, but there’s none matching King City; it is not just tranquil, also but lovely and secure. If you would like to escape the hassles and bustles associated with city life, you have got to consider this area. 

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